Tokio Asakusa en el Día de la Mayoría de Edad・4K HDR

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🕒01/09 2pm 🌡️ +13℃ 🚶‍♂️4km Día de la mayoría de edad como el segundo lunes del nuevo año esta vez fue el 9 de enero. Caminé alrededor del templo de Asakusa desde la puerta de Kaminarimon. No hay gatos excepto maneki neko 🗺️ Té verde Ayataka: Cámara: Sony FX3 3yRBsRI Configuración: 4K 60p HLG3, 1/100, MF y AF Lente: Sony PZ 1635G Estabilizador: DJI RS3 Micrófono: /35REFlg ePayment&GPS: Garmin Epix Gen 2 * Los enlaces de Amazon anteriores están afiliados. Hacer clic en ellos no le costará nada, pero obtendré una recompensa por la promoción.


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  1. oisoyboy

    Thank you again Ram for giving us another valuable slice of Japanese life – in this case seijin no hi! Your videos are becoming an institution unto itself for so many of us. :):)

  2. I’d love to know Street names of where you’re traveling!! Landmarks too! I like to follow along on google maps and see what’s nearby.

  3. Matt Davis

    it's so good to see the city so full of people and lively again after COVID

  4. I love seeing everyone masked! 100 percent. And the masks don’t seem to be impeding anyone’s good time…hmmmmm 😂

  5. Jenevra

    Wow, the ladies look like absolute princesses! Must be a fun day for them 🙂

  6. Barb Kimball

    I want to go shopping 🛍 there 😫. I need some John Lennon eye 👓 😎 lol….beautiful!! 💕 thank you

  7. Marianne

    AWSOME !!!! Thank you so much, Ram !!! Yours is the ONLY channel i watch from Japan, as I find the others, I've ever tried, annoying 🤫
    And you have the CATS 😽😽😄👍👍👍❤️ We walk with you from the start to the end and your quality is SUPER !!✨

  8. Wim

    Brought back memories, thanks. as usual not many males in kimono

  9. Pedro Hereira

    Ram work allways impressed me. Whenever you are on the city or Country side, you allways do the best job. I haven´t rescued wallpapers of Japan from any videos here on this site. Just the ones you share with us. A big thanks to you Rambalac!

  10. Martin Herwig

    Are tou oke? What is wrong with your wrist? Thank you for sharing the video🇵🇾🇯🇵🙏🏻👍🏻

  11. Alex Mercer

    It's like most of Japan's population is based in Tokyo. Is that correct? Or am I off? But still, at least it's good to see that it's all moving again.

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