Paseo de Halloween por el cementerio nocturno de Tokio (sin bromas, tranquilo, sin miedo)・4K HDR

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🕒 23/10🌡️ +19℃ 🚶‍♂️5km Una semana antes de Halloween caminé por el cementerio de Yanaka. No se encontraron gatos negros ni de otro tipo. 🐈‍⬛ 🗺️ 🏃‍♂️ Té verde Ayataka: Cámara: Sony FX3 Ajustes: 4K 60p HLG3, 1/100, MF y AF Lente: Sony PZ 1635G Estabilizador: DJI RS3 https://amzn. to/3yfkGdy Mic: ePayment&GPS: Garmin Epix Gen 2 JR Pass: * Enlaces de JR Pass y Amazon arriba están afiliados. Hacer clic en ellos no le costará nada, pero obtendré una recompensa por la promoción. #noche #cementerio #japón #4k #hdr


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  1. Dou Amari

    area kuburan bisa bersih gitu dan orang pada nyaman aja jalan disitu, sudah itu dikasih taman bermain lagi, kalo di kita rasanya berubah jadi kelam dan horor.

  2. Zonnda22

    Кладбище впритык к жилой застройке. Интересно там рядом недвижимость в цене падает или зеленая зона и тихие соседи это скорее плюс 🙂

  3. Kwame Baroown

    Is it acceptable in Japan to walk around and film inside cemeteries? I don't mean that as a criticism just a genuine question.

  4. この動画の墓地って何ていう名前ですか?どなたか教えて頂ければ幸いで。お願い致します。

  5. xaraxen

    In Japanese cemeteries., I often see tall, inscribed wooden boards. Sometimes leaned at on side, other times planted in the ground. What are they?

  6. Alex Mercer

    Awesome! I was sure I'd see a yurei or something, but I was and wasn't disappointed at all lol You were too insistent in your title, Ram, which made me more alert XD

  7. A K

    Great walk as always. The fact that you could talk to a vending machine to get drinks is surprisingly new to me, I didn't know it existed😂 11-03

  8. Honestly, I love cemeteries. I don't find them creepy at all. Just quiet and peaceful.

  9. I like quiet and deserted places, in silence to listen to the sound of the city at night;)🥰👍

  10. Dia

    Lol thank you for swinging. My elementary school was across the road from a graveyard. It's kind of interesting to have something so solemn next to something so full of life.

  11. randomnickify

    "no pranks, quiet, not scary" – even ghost run away before Rambalac and his soul curing camera 🙂

  12. Chris

    There’s a graveyard here in Saint Charles, Missouri, where we have soldiers who fought in the Civil War, even somebody who fought in the war of 1812.

  13. Yo vivo frente de un panteón y nunca ha pasado nada paranormal realmente, pero a veces asaltan por ahí en las noches, realmente es muy tranquilo. Feliz día de muertos, los saludo desde México.

  14. David Serret

    Yeah let's just take my kids to a playground where all the dead people are laying around and doing nothing!

  15. matsumura t

    I am a Japanese who enjoys watching the show.

    I am very thankful to be able to watch the show because I prefer the back alleys to the tourist spots.

    I'm sorry to sound like a complainer, but I was wondering about the cemetery, including the old videos.

    Cemeteries are places to enter only when you have something to do, such as visiting a grave.

    It is very inappropriate to walk around with a camera for filming purposes.

    (I consider it an invasion of privacy and a desecration of the deceased to be photographed with the names on the headstones visible.)

    The same goes for temples, which are only accessible to those who have a relative's cemetery in that location. (Shrines are open to all.)

    In some cases, it may be mistaken for a suspicious person and reported, so it is better to be careful henceforth.

  16. OniBaku

    A swingset surrounded by graves. That's a first for me.

  17. Why hasn’t anyone mentioned how he purchased a tea by just talking to the vending machine? That was impressive! I love how beautiful and unique Japan is. 😊

  18. wirat

    👻👻👻 Come on Come on cemetery Videos

  19. Just030

    We don't scare because we are walking with Rambalac

  20. Fei Wong

    Tokyo is so beautiful! i would love to live in Japan!!
    Cheers from Spain to all the world!

  21. E falchioni

    Deixando meu like abraços e valeu meu amigo 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  22. Rambalac, your videos are so refreshing to watch, when i need a break from society i come to youtube to see your videos that make so relaxed watching them i almost feel that im in them, so thanks alot ☺💯💢👍.

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