Japón – Templo de Yamadera en otoño – Viaje a Tohoku・4K HDR

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04/10 3pm 🌡️ +10℃ ‍♂️3km El quinto día del viaje a Tohoku, llegué a la prefectura de Yamagata por la línea JR Senzan.


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  1. Harisson V8

    Simply wonderful, mix of colors of ambient and the nature. Like a painting.

  2. Hello World

    Thank you for the video and for letting us follow along on the tour.

    Judging from the rapid breathing you hear behind the camera, you are breathing through your mouth and the air only reaches your chest and only a small amount of air reaches your lungs. This is tiring and unhealthy, and your body will lack oxygen.

    The next time you climb a mountain or climb stairs, try using your nose to suck in, your mouth can help exhale, so that the air will go directly to your lungs, there will be enough oxygen to supply your body's needs in order to effectively relieve fatigue, which is conducive to will be well.

  3. A K

    Great walk as always Ram. Gotta love the cat at the ticket booth, she must be the ticket inspector😂 ~ 11-12

  4. Saludos amigo Rambalac 🙏🇲🇽🇲🇽🙏👌. Me encantan tus vídeos ✌️

  5. Greetings from Naples, Florida. An awesome walk with beautiful scenery. We enjoyed your Autumn walk. Have a great week. 💯

  6. Nahum ponce

    Gracia por tomarte el tiempo de grabar estos videos y subirlos, me ayudaron mucho durante el confinamiento de la pandemia y me hacían sentir que de verdad estoy ahí caminando por las calles de Japón, eliges calles que digo wow yo las elegiría para caminar, solo gracias por hacer este contenido

  7. Diana Martín

    Visited in February 2020, it was the dead of winter, covered in snow. You could hear the snowflakes as they touched the ground. An otherwordly experience. Thank you Ram for taking
    me there in autumn. 🤍

  8. Lipe

    WTF beautiful place! Japan is amazing and this channel too 🇯🇵🇯🇵

  9. 4K KOREA

    It is a wonderful video with autumn leaves.😀
    The atmosphere of Yamadera Temple is special.
    The video gave me healing.💜

  10. taiwan1895

    I visited Yamadera on a rainy day in the fall of 2006. On the way down from the top, I was passed by a group of uniformed British school girls going up.

  11. Aus1

    Beautiful Autumn colors with lots of steps to be breathless 😺😺😻😻

  12. なかなか行かないところを旅するのも面白いので、オペレーターさんには感謝です。 これは、すべての石が人間の手によって加工され、手入れされているため、時代がどのように見えるかです. 景色はとても美しいです。 良い旅を。 幸運を 太陽の国、日本に栄光あれ。

  13. It is interesting to travel where you will never visit in person, so I thank the operator for his work. This is how the ages look, because every stone is worked by human hands and cared for by them. The scenery is very beautiful. Have a nice trip. Good luck Glory to Japan, the land of the sun.

  14. Цікаво мандрувати там, де ніколи не побуваєш особисто, тому дякую оператору за роботу. Саме так виглядають віки, бо кожен камінчик оброблено руками людей і ними доглянуто. Краєвиди дуже гарні. Гарна подорож. Щасти. Слава Японії, країні Сонця.

  15. Bigbob S

    All that stairs.. But that place though.. Beautiful 😍

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