Japón nocturno: caminata Hanamaki・4K HDR

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🕒 11/03 5pm 🌡️ +13℃ 🚶‍♂️6km La ciudad de Hanamaki fue otro pedido de los espectadores y una parada durante mi viaje a Tohoku. Caminé desde el mural de Future City hasta la estación de Hanamaki. Luego visité los restos del castillo y Time Bell, pasé por la calle comercial del centro de la ciudad y regresé a la estación a través del parque fluvial sin nombre. Encontré un gato 😹 🗺️ https://rambalac.com/wmap?ll=39.39027643057605%2C141.11620108470646&z=16 🏃‍♂️ https://rambalac.com/act/9909111440 Té verde Ayataka: https://amzn.to/ 3UtpQgd Cámara: Sony FX3 https://amzn.to/3yRBsRI Configuración: 4K 60p HLG3, 1/100, MF y AF Lente: Sony PZ 1635G https://amzn.to/3wVfEDp Estabilizador: DJI RS3 https://amzn .to/3yfkGdy Micrófono: https://amzn.to/35REFlg ePayment&GPS: Garmin Epix Gen 2 https://amzn.to/3srZhMv JR Pass: https://click.jrpass.com/SH2z * Enlaces de JR Pass y Amazon arriba están afiliados. Hacer clic en ellos no le costará nada, pero obtendré una recompensa por la promoción. #noche #tohoku #japon


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  1. Aus1

    Ah Japanese 🇯🇵 Ravens 🦅 so talkative at 🌇 Sunset.🤗😻

  2. Dalton leo

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  3. rojuan

    new subscriber, THIS VIDEOS ARE GREAT! i'll be here in every new video, so relaxing

  4. Top Ven

    Ночные прогулки по Японии оставляют ощущение хоррора и меланхолии, благодаря своей давящей и атмосферной урбанистики)
    Very mesmerizing
    Thanks again

  5. Top Ven

    Посоветуйте такие же атмосферные видео, но по Москве или Питеру:3

  6. Top Ven

    Thanks for walk
    What you need to view in the background while working

  7. Chris

    I love the artwork on that wall at the beginning of the video and then the clouds are really cool looking. Great video.

  8. 前川次郎

    The cat in this video seems to be wearing a collar. Conclusion: it is a house cat.

  9. Hing Tong

    What a beautiful and clean city! But again, through your lens, we could feel the deep recession in Japan, not because of the cold and wet winter. Lot of stores were out of business, those stores that opened, no customers at all. Driving taxi in Japan is also a tough occupation, nobody seems to need their service, most people (here, only a few walked out of the train station) chose to walk. Nice, quiet, even tranquil, yet almost no activity at all. Again, I fell into deep depression while watching this beautiful video. What went wrong with the whole world?

  10. Beck

    Oh wow! It is a laser projection on the wall?! 🙄

  11. Julie Easter

    please let us download the original 4k video without youtube's compression xD

  12. hubadabubbada

    I used to watch your videos during Covid. I just wanted to re-visit and say thanks for all the content.

  13. deanzaZZR

    Good timing. My wife and I will visit nearby Hiraizumi and the surrounding area in late December. I found the mural you can see at the 6:35 mark interesting. It looks almost Soviet in style. Unfortunately I can't find a detailed image.

  14. Как я вам благодарна за возможность перевода на рус.яз. Очень хороший перевод. Какие комментарии вам пишут люди!!! Я полностью согласна!!! Ваши работы бесценны, особенно для тех, кто никогда не сможет там побывать наяву!!! Спасибо!!! Успехов и удачи вам, прекрасный человек!!!

  15. Yu Zu Ri

    Thank you for a new cool video.

    Honest question: Would you ever consider making like an introduction Video? It would be cool to see who is actually behind the Camera.

  16. Nella

    Such an interesting and ''art-friendly'' place – not only the sci-fi mural, but many fine little ''pieces of art'' right in the streets, even benches there are special! And ''fat cat'' 😉😁! The awesome sky at the start, and crows perching and waiting… hope they've never seen Hitchcock 😱!? Beautiful scenery at the river, glittering streets in the rain, and the lovely cat you met 😺…watching all this was pure delight 🥰, thanks 👏!!

  17. Tuff Juy

    You should walk the suicide Forrest at night and record it..

  18. Relevant Kube

    ​Greetings from Berlin/Germany. Rambalac is better than corrupt Football in Katar, many thanks and stay safe

  19. Alex Mercer

    Wonderful night walk.

    I do wonder how that painting in the beginning was glowing though. Glow paint? Or lighting?

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