Japón – Luces navideñas de Enoshima 2022・4K HDR

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🕒 12/14 6pm 🌡️ +9℃ 🚶‍♂️3km La isla Enoshima en la prefectura de Kanagawa se viste de luces antes de cada Navidad. Si bien no es tan grande como las luces navideñas de Yomiuri Land, es mucho más hermoso… y la tarifa de entrada es más barata. Además, hay una parte gratis. Puedes pasar allí todo el día, viniendo por la mañana, primero sube al otro lado de la isla en busca de cuevas, almuerza y ​​por la noche camina por los mismos lugares nuevamente para verlos de manera diferente con diferentes luces. No se filmaron gatos pero vi pocos 😹 🗺️ https://rambalac.com/wmap?ll=35.30551454656202%2C139.4811539997626&z=16 🏃‍♂️ https://rambalac.com/act/10132439266 Té verde Ayataka: https:/ /amzn.to/3UtpQgd Cámara: Sony FX3 https://amzn.to/3yRBsRI Configuración: 4K 60p HLG3, 1/100, MF y AF Lente: Sony PZ 1635G https://amzn.to/3wVfEDp Estabilizador: DJI RS3 https://amzn.to/3yfkGdy Micrófono: https://amzn.to/35REFlg Pago electrónico y GPS: Garmin Epix Gen 2 https://amzn.to/3srZhMv * Los enlaces anteriores son afiliados. #noche #navidad #japón #4k #hdr


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  1. Hello, thanks for sharing these beautiful images of our country with us. ありがとうございました

  2. Sergey Gankin

    Beautiful display and a wonderful tribute to the season. Thank you, Rambalac, and I look forward to many more.

  3. John_Smith532

    Rambalac, you have been a very good boy this year. I hope Santa brought you something nice. 🎅

  4. Toru

    Это парень русский язык знает? или это у меня перевод?

  5. Big thanks for such kind of immersive videos.I was immersed in every video.This channel is free travel not only to Japan,but in Japan too!HDR is top notch,everything is perfect,keep it up for next year!

  6. Mk S

    Merry Christmas everyone in Japan and all over their world! ひとりのみどりごがわれわれのために生れた、ひとりの男の子がわれわれに与えられた。まつりごとはその肩にあり、その名は、「霊妙なる議士、大能の神、とこしえの父、平和の君」ととなえられる。Peace and goodwill. Hope you find salvation.

  7. Ursinho

    merry christmas ʕ⁠っ⁠•⁠ᴥ⁠•⁠ʔ⁠っ

  8. Nella

    Fascinating start from the Candle top, the sea, lighthouse flashes, stars ✨ and Christmas lights below – like coming into a true fairy tale land 🥰 – even tulips 🌷in December! Wow, the sea on your way back was pretty wild, awesome views of the waves – and a lovely black 'n white kitty, a very swift one😽! Really well deserved
    🍦🍓😋 !!

  9. Jos Callinet

    Wonderful capture of the feel of walking through the Enoshina Christmas Lights Display 2022! You're expert at using your camera's aperture setting to bring very bright lights into clear, not blinding, focus, for example as you did beginning at 17:55 when you entered the long tunnel of lights – by lowering your camera's light sensitivity, you revealed this tunnel of light's magic. Same goes for the clarity and stereo imaging of the sound you record – it adds greatly to the feeling of "being there" for us viewers. I watch your videos wearing a very good pair of headphones (FOCAL's model "UTOPIA 2022" headphones, made in France). Your camera's sound is impeccable.

    I want to know – what make and model Smart Watch are you wearing? I love its convenience when paying for drinks from vending machines, etc. No need to reach into pockets for a smartphone or loose change!

    Thank you for all the captivating videos you've created for us to immerse ourselves in during 2022! May you have a very healthy and happy New Year 2023!

  10. donna toye

    Thank you for all your videos there all awsome. Last minute a cat. Merry Christmas just hanging for another when your ready stay warm.🐈🎄☃️🎁

  11. BurninSven1

    Beautiful glad to see you have no electric poverproblems, up here in Sweden the government is threatening to pull the plug on us. This even though probably Sweden is one of the few lands in the world that can produce more than what we need. Why is cause they sold it out to the "market"


    Thank you Rambalac for this beautiful cityscape recording. I enjoyed almost your videos. 😍

  13. Pilot Pirks

    Hello, Rambalac. Why are you jerking the camera like that? It's Christmas, it's not a race… I wish it were a little more peaceful and relaxing.

  14. Мне кажется, с каждым годом здесь все красивее и красивее!!! Просто праздник для глаз и для души!!! Спасибо!!!

  15. Switch

    Really nice, enjoyed watching this with the family today!

  16. Alex Mercer

    Amazing as always and that bridge walk was incredibly peaceful with the sounds of water. Wish you a very Merry Christmas, Ram! Thanks.

  17. gwingggg5

    After all, the illumination of Enoshima in this season is the best …Speaking of Enoshima, Shirasu-don (a rice bowl with boiled or raw whitebait) is well-known, but Enoshima-don (a rice bowl with boiled turban shell meat and eggs) is also recommended.

  18. Ana

    Miss Japan! Saudade do Japão! From Brasil!

  19. qbanochoerus

    All I can say is that this walk is unreal and thank You for shoving that!


    Wow… amazing beautiful night walking in Enoshima Christmas lights ❤️

  21. Ami AlterEgo

    My family and I are planning another trip to Japan, partly because of your beautiful, inspiring videos! Thank you, Merry Xmas, and happy new year!

  22. Findecanor

    You have given me so much inspiration, Rambalac. Both to go to Japan (and where in), and to start recording videos of my own (yet unpublished). Thanks for everything you've done.
    Kudos for sharing this video on Christmas Day!
    I wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  23. Saf3

    Oh my it's my favourite video I wait for every year!!! I love enoshima and fujisawa so much, it's my favourite location in Japan so I'm so happy you're making another one. Thank you for the years of walks Rambalac I've really appreciated them all

  24. Mer Dan

    Hey Rambalac, the year is ending and i just wanna say THANK YOU!!! Thanks for the walks, train rides, bus rides, drone flights, festivals, fireworks, christmas lights. Rural, urban Japan, shrines, temples, castles, theme parks and historical villages. If its hot or freezin cold, rainy, snowy and whatever, thank you!!! Thanks for climbing million stairs and standing over an hour in the train. Thanks for blossoms, cats and spiders. THANKS for all that, so that we can watch your videos, relaxing and enjoying the beauty of Japan!!! Merry X-mas and a happy 2023 and all the best to you!!!

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