Geography Now! Bahrain

Also forgot to mention they became famous for pearl diving………So yeah!

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  1. Saus

    You're actually pronouncing Qatar wrong though

  2. Chrissy R

    You don’t pronounce Qatar like that it’s not the c from cut it’s the c from call

  3. Diamond Tv

    I just saw it in the playlist of country from a-z
    But where fake land? (AKA Bandiaterra)

  4. Sourav Das

    One of my favourite country of middle east after Israel , Lebanon. and Jordan .

  5. To all my Bahrainis in the comment section I apologize for my people reckless behaviors 😭😭🇸🇦😂 hope we will figure it out

    Love to all of you 🤍❤️🇧🇭❤️🤍❤️!!

  6. 7:44 saudi Arabia and Iran look at Bahrain, think about it like Bahrain she loves who is the most biggest country in middle east, and think about it that Saudi Arabia and iran they love Bahrain so much because she so cute female in the middle east.

  7. A B

    Bahrain was part of Iran. It’s located in Persian Golf. Let’s hope that it will be part of Iran again.

  8. A AL

    You need to come back to Bahrain again Kind Sir, to your second home

  9. lol i am not used to ppl talking about bahrain. and i would like to correct one thing, the driking stuff is only in 1 or 2 places , its made for tourrests , no body i know drinks as its its not a good thing so, ye nice video and great analysis bro

  10. daisy posie

    The Tree of Life seems like such a magical and holy place…
    Wishing lots of love to Bahrain from China! 🇨🇳❤️🇧🇭

  11. Well I mean Bahrain used to be a province of Iran, but just ignore Shariatmadari, he's absolutely insane.

  12. hooshi a

    fuck have you ever read geography in school or a valid book why you dont say korean gulf of chinese gulf?
    it's persian gulf just persian gulf

  13. Luca A.

    You brag about your pronunciations but got literally all of them wrong. Is that the joke?

  14. Navid K

    It is PERSIAN Gulf! Is the name of your channel GEOLOGY Now? What can't you stick with the actual and historical names of the places?! Is it Sheikhs' petrol dollars or maybe just a simple mistake (which I'm sure it's not!)?

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