Campos de colza de Mother Farm en Chiba・4K HDR

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🕒 03/20 4pm🌡️ +13℃ 🚶 4km Mother Farm es un parque temático y una granja real ubicada en la península de Boso de la prefectura de Chiba. Puedes ver aquí vacas, ovejas, cabras, caballos y cerdos cerca. Incluso hay una competencia de carreras de cerdos para niños. Además de granja tienen tirolinas y bungee. También es conocido por sus campos de colza. 🗺️ Cámara: Sony FX3 Configuración: 4K 60p HLG3, 1/100, MF y AF Lente: https: // Estabilizador: DJI RS2 Micrófono: ePayment&GPS: Garmin Epix Gen 2 JR Pass: https :// * Los enlaces anteriores de JR Pass y Amazon están afiliados. Hacer clic en ellos no cambiará el precio para usted, pero obtendré una recompensa por la promoción. 00:00 Entrada 05:28 Flores 06:18 Colza 18:23 Vacas 25:24 Carrera de cerdos 44:47 Caballos 47:09 Tirolesa 50:10 Bungee 55:45 Ovejas 57:31 Ataque de águila(?) #Chiba #flores #japón #4k #hdr


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  1. Foodie Kr

    Beautiful sharing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Really amazing 👌👌👌❤️
    Thanks for sharing 🙏🙏🙏

  2. sLePpInG

    27:20 number six ran like that was her purpose in life, she didn't take her eyes off that pig for a second lol

  3. Ylee

    Zip line ride and/or bungee jumping would've been premium content, just sayin'….🤣🤣🤣

  4. CaMenMano

    Wow … very entertaining walk through that farm, in addition to appreciating the animals and the different places to have fun such as bungee jumping and other activities, the field of flowers, the sky and the clouds that gave a beautiful setting to film … excellent job Rambalac, greetings from Chile!!!

  5. Nella

    Wonderful views of the wide landscape in yellow, green and brown, daffodils, sakura dancing around against the sky🌸, and a big choice of gorgeous clouds – and that all in the lovely atmosphere of a nice family trip🤗 – I enjoyed seeing all the animals like a kid💖, including the super eagle, thanks !!!

  6. Norma Reyes

    Yes!!! I was waiting for this. I visited Mother Farm around 2018 and it was my favorite. Always wanted to see this area again. Thank you so much for posting this. I love it!!!🙏❤️

  7. terabbs

    I guess it's a bit like a "stadsboerderij" (city farm) here in the Netherlands. so city kids (and adults) can learn, see and smell a farm for real. though they aren't as busy as this nor the them park aspect as this.
    Thank you for the nice video

  8. Mary Holler

    What a cool place! Much bigger and more crowded than I thought, but still a very neat place for a little adventure. And, won't lie, I would have been tempted to have a go at the bungee, because why not? Great work as always, Ram! I always enjoy your Tokyo videos, but it's neat to see stuff from other areas too.

  9. Rambalac, thank you so much for another lovely walk/video (which I really enjoyed from the very first second till the last). I know I say it every time I leave a comment here – but I can't help it, it's true😇🙃: your videos are always a piece of art… a real pleasure to watch & my favorite mood boosters that never fail to delight me. Before I discovered your channel, I knew nearly nothing about Japan… but now? Now it feels like my second home – although it's still a 'faraway country' to me (and it's very probable that I'll never be lucky enough to go there & personally see/walk all the places I know from your videos).

    So this is my most sincere "thank you" for showing us all the beauty of Japan & its cities, countryside and people: I love your work, I appreciate your effort – and I absolutely adore the way you see the world around you. Take good care of yourself, wishing you all the best 🙂 ♥

  10. Ranjan Nandy

    It's not just a farm, a vast pic of land housing a large variety of animals and amusement park rides. The farm also has a restaurant with an observatory on its roof, access to various activities such as bungee jumping and zip-lining, and even live animal shows. It is a touch of paintbrush with such unique colors grate experience.


    Wow, everyone is so diligent about wearing a mask, even when they're outside

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